Vintage Robot



A sphere, a character ...

Animal Anatomy Study

I made this camel inside the Z-axis studio. It was a little difficult for me since I did not know the anatomy of a camel. Sometimes I look at it and it looks like he's falling ...sometimes it does not.

Modeling study developed inside Z-axis Studio.
Illustration for the Morumbi Shopping - São Paulo.
Please check: www.z-axis.com.br
Thanks to: Marcel Fukuwara, Victor Hugo and Marcus Vinícius.

Tshirt for Blue Man Group



Cyclops modeled for Cgtalk´s Contest. I did not finish it in time.
A lot of anatomy´s stuff to tweak. Basemesh in Blender...as usual.

Cinemark Trailer Characters

I modeled and textured many of these characters.
Please check trailer here.

Modeling´s Study

i like a lot to play with spheres inside zbrush.

Mr. Something



I worked in the textures of the asphalt and creating a specular map for the engine.

Playing with Spheres


Magneto - Fontaine Digital / Alex Oliver

Final image for the course of Alex Oliver. (Fontaine Digital), Ian Mckellen (Magneto).


I modeled this monster while i was studying with Alex Oliver...in 2008, based on a model of Jordu Schell.